On Our Own of Montgomery County, Inc. is a Maryland mental health wellness and substance abuse recovery center located in a large converted colonial home in Old Town Gaithersburg. Our mission is to support and empower individuals by enhancing self-esteem and quality of life through mental health peer support services. We provide dual recovery peer support groups led by certified peer specialists.

On Our Own of Montgomery County, Inc. is an organized support network that is both social and physical and nature.

Trained Peer Support Specialists who have experienced their own recovery stories foster an environment optimal for personal recovery by in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Our mission is to promote wellness and recovery and to make sure that consumers of mental health services are accorded the same rights and access to the same resources as other county residents.
  • We actively encourage participation in our programs.  Simply come by the Center to see what we have to offer.
  • We challenge the stigma of mental illness through sharing our stories and experiences.
  • We have a modern computer lab that is open throughout business hours which can be used to access health resources, employment websites, and email.
  • We hold regularly scheduled wellness and recovery activities focused on promoting the development of natural support networks.
  • Although there is no mandatory fee to join OOOMC, members are encouraged to contribute $10 annually to the Center.

Take that step towards your recovery. Learn to advocate for yourself and empower yourself through knowledge and skills. Learn from others by listening to their stories and teach others by telling your own. This is a judgement free zone. Please feel welcome to come to our center during business hours.

Many come when they are in need of support and acceptance when they are feeling down. Social support is key to recovery from mental illness and a very big component to staying healthy.  Isolation is unhealthy. Visitors and members actively participate in their own recovery through training and development of new tools and skills, and organized activities. Others come to enjoy the company of others and break bread over community dinners.

We seek to meet people where they are and meet their needs, interests, and goals. We provide mental health services to consumers of mental health services from all walks of life, whether working full-time or unemployed and homeless.

Written mental health resources are available as well as information on benefits and programs of relevance to our members and visitors. On Our Own provides referrals to help members obtain food, computers, job placement, substance abuse treatment, health care, and other services.

Here are just a few of the many testimonials we have received

434 East Diamond Avenue

Gaithersburg Maryland 20877

(240) 683-5555