On Our Own of Montgomery County, Inc. is a mental health wellness and recovery center located in a large remodeled colonial home in Olde Towne Gaithersburg. Our mission is to support and empower individuals with mental health challenges by enhancing self-esteem and quality of life through peer support from trained  Peer Support Specialists who have experienced their own personal challenges. We foster an environment optimal for personal recovery by providing mental health peer support and advocacy services in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.


  • Our mission is to promote wellness and recovery
  • We challenge the stigma of mental illness through sharing our experiences.
  • We advocate for justice and equality in Maryland and Montgomery County.
  • We have a modern computer lab providing access to health resources and employment websites.
  • We hold regularly scheduled wellness and recovery activities focused on promoting the development of natural support networks.
  • Members are encouraged to contribute $10 annually to the Center.
  • OOOMC is not a residential program – we do not offer housing.

People come to On Our Own for a variety of reasons. Members come when they need social support or want to enjoy the company of others. We seek to meet people where they are and meet their needs, interests, and goals. Some come for social acceptance and support; others to participate in training and development of new tools and skills, and some to participate in organized activities. We welcome mental health consumers from all walks of life, whether working full-time or unemployed and homeless.

We have written resources on services, benefits and programs of relevance and importance to many consumers and can help consumers find many more via the internet. On Our Own provides referrals to programs that help members obtain: food, computers, job placement assistance, substance abuse treatment, health care, and other services.



“With the help of this program I was able to open up and now have many friends and am able to advocate for myself a lot better because of this program. I am a lot more confident in my abilities as well. Thanks to all of the staff at on our own I am a stronger woman today . THANK YOU! =)” Current OOOMC Member

“Some of the things I like about On Our Own are that people are very understanding and give good positive feedback. (OOOMC) has a good structure to stimulate the brain.” Current OOOMC Member

“I’d like to heartfully thank OOO staff and volunteers for all your support” Current OOOMC Member

“You were there when I need to laugh.  I could have gone daft.  Where would I be without you? A thank you is due. Someplace to come when I’m more than blue. Your spirit is true. I love you.” Current OOOMC Member

“I’ve discovered in my short time at On Our Own of Montgomery County that the staff are well suited for the job. There caring and concerned with the well being of the members. They’re very good at what they do. They are compassionate and always looking for the best for each member. When a client is in distress staff are right there to problem solve. For the staff their primary goal is centered around the members. The staff come second and the members always come first when they need help. The staff are trained and well educated to tackle any problem the member’s might have.” Current OOOMC Member

434 East Diamond Avenue, Gaithersburg MD 20877